Singapore Mathematics Curriculum

Our curriculum is aligned with the framework used by the schools in Singapore with a key focus on improving problem solving skills.  
Why Teach Problem-Solving Skills? 
Problem-solving is an integral part of life. Having the right skills will:
  • help your child deal with problems creatively and effectively;
  • simulate your child and help develop thinking skills and problem-solving strategies in both new and unfamiliar situations;
  • develop, reinforce, enhance and extend mathematical concepts and skills;
  • develop a sense of inquiry;
  • help your child engage in imaginative and creative work arising from mathematical ideas.
How Can We Improve Problem-Solving Skills?
  • Begin with simple problems.
  • Include open-ended problems and mathematical investigation tasks.
  • Use as many strategies as possible.
  • Seek similarities between thinking skills and problem-solving strategies.
  • Provide opportunities to formulate problems.
  • Use modelling to explicate the thinking processes.
  • Provide time for reflection and clarification of mathematical ideas and relationships.
  • Allow for oral expression to reinforce conceptualization and development of critical thinking habits.